These are some of our customers favorite templates!
If you are in business, then you probably are spending way more time than you should signing or getting other people to sign paper documents.   How much time are you (and your organization) spending sending out the same documents, tracking down signers, trying to keep track of who has signed which ones?  If you are in Human Resources, Sales, Operations, Finance, Legal/Compliance the answer is probably way too much.
SnapSign can help you fully automate your document management processes.  So can send out documents with one click and then be updated as soon as they have been completed.
Here are 5 common use cases that SnapSign customers love to automate using templates.
Get a Sales Contract Signed
Time is money – and when it comes to closing deals – nothing could be more true.   Getting your contracts signed shouldn’t be holding up your deal and with SnapSign it won’t.  Getting sales contracts signed is one of the most common ways people use SnapSign.
To get started, create a new template.  Next add your sales contract.  Once that is done, you can add a couple of field tags (so everyone knows where to fill-in and sign).  Then save it.  That is it!  Now you have a reusable sales contract template that your entire team can leverage.  No more guessing if everyone is on the same page.  Now everyone shares the same template in SnapSign.
The next time you have to send out a sales contract, simply select your sales contract template, add your customer’s name and email (and/or phone number if you have the SMS/text feature enabled) and click send.  Your customer will get an email notification and can execute the contract right from their email or text notification.  Deal Closed…. Fast!
PS:  You can also setup automate reminders on documents that you send.  So if you customer hasn’t signed the agreement, SnapSign will send them a gentle reminder that it is still outstanding.
Onboard a New Employee
Finding great people is hard enough but once you find them the onboarding process shouldn’t be a dreadful ordeal filled with endless paperwork and headaches.  Onboarding new employees with SnapSign is fast and easy.
To get started pull together all of the paperwork that you need to onboard your employees.  (This will be the last time that you have to do this – we promise.)  Once you have all of the documents, we can create a single template that includes all of the documents that you need to get filled in/signed.  On a side note, if your organization is spread across multiple states or countries, you might want to create a single template for each applicable jurisdiction.
So to get started we will create our new employee onboarding template.  Then we will add all of the necessary forms, for example:
  • I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification
  • W-4 Employee Withholding
  • Sate New Hire Forms
  • Employee Agreement
  • Corporate Policy Acknowledgements
  • Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Benefits Forms
After we have all of our documents, we can add and assign some field tags, so that our new employee knows where to fill in and sign the documents.  Then we will save our template.
Now the next time you hire a new employee, all you need is find our onboarding template and add their name and email (and/or phone number if you are using the SMS/Text feature) and click send.  Your new employee will receive a email or text notification and then they can fill in and sign the documents from anywhere.  New Employee Onboarded!
Have a Customer Sign a Liability Waiver
If your like a lot of business, it is important that your customers are safe and fully understand the risks involved in using your product or service.  Many times, the easiest way to ensure that everyone is on the same page is to have a liability waiver executed by your customers in advance.  Now, this can be done quickly and simply with SnapSign.
To get started, upload your liability waiver to a new template in SnapSign.  Once that is uploaded, you can add some field tags so that your customers will know where to sign the waiver.  That is it.  Now the next time a customer is looking to use your product or service, just click on the template and enter their name and email and/or phone number (if you have the SMS/text feature enabled) and then click send.  Liabilities Waiver Complete!  Trust us – your lawyers will thank you.
Kick-Off a New Project
Starting a new project?  Whether you are an consultant, accountant, banker, architect, builder or so many others professionals – kicking off a new project means ensuring that everyone at the table has a clear understanding of the scope, timelines and budget of the project.  Getting everyone at the table to agree upon any one of these elements is hard enough (hence the expression ‘herding cats’ was born) but once you do get everyone to agree, well, getting them to sign the project documents shouldn’t be hard.  Enter SnapSign.
WIth SnapSign you can build out all of your project artifacts into templates.  Then you can simply pull up the template – maybe it is the Project Scope with the General Terms and Condition that govern the project – and send it out to your customer for their review and signature.  This should ensure that your project will be completed on time and on budget – well we can’t actually guarantee that – but we can guarantee that getting those documents signed will be really simple and easy.
Execute a Nondisclosure Agreement
Your mother always said that you played well with others.  Well when it comes it comes to working with others – whether it be a new customer, partner, vendor/supplier, professional services organizations, or any third-party –  you will often need to share confidential business information.  In order to feel comfortable sharing this information, business will often require a nondisclosure agreement – or NDA for short.
The NDA outlines the information that will be shared and for what purposes the shared information may be used.  If the NDA is bilateral then it is often called a mutual nondisclosure agreement or mutual NDA.
Before the organizations can share information they need to execute an NDA and that is where SnapSign comes in.  With SnapSign, you can create your NDA template and simply add field tags where the parties will need to sign.  Then when you need to engage another organization, you can simply send out the NDA for their signature.  It is just that easy.  Now your NDA can be signed by EOD!